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If you’ve ever found yourself in a conversation with a person who has chosen a specific style of eating, no doubt they’ve been able to explain the reason for their decision at length.

‘How do you know if someone’s Vegan/Paleo/Vegetarian?

Don’t worry, they’ll tell you’

There are as many parody videos about these people as there are passionate advocates, however when it comes down to it, most of us know that the time to do something about it has all but passed already.

We have a choice right now to throw our hands up proclaiming that it’s too late anyway…

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Working in software development, especially in start-ups, is the most exciting, exhilarating, and draining career choice available.

You have to want it, believe in it, live it. You have to be able to stand proud in the face of all the nay-sayers and hold true to the vision.

That being said, the risk of believing your own bullshit, in software, is absolutely massive.

The line between tenacity and insanity is success.

It’s that simple.

First, to understand why it’s all worth it, you’d have to understand the pull, why people want to work so hard to be part of something…

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Feedback is the most sensitive part of any working environment. Giving and receiving negative feedback is uncomfortable for both parties, but does it have to be the case?

When you ask most people in isolation they are pro ‘constructive criticism’, when it comes down to it though, those same people can get very defensive when faced with their perceived inadequacies.

What is it inside of each of us that gets threatened in these moments?

· The approach

· The facts are not known

· The assessment is biased

· The perception that their side of the story is not being…

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Yes, it really happened.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to appreciate it at the time. I had no basis for comparison, it was my first real job.

Ignorance aside I’d like to breakdown the fundamentals of that team so that you can see how yours stacks up, and hopefully incorporate some of the principles.

Most of this is not rocket science, and it’s not new either.

The team as a brand

In all our work, we were aware of ourselves as a part of a team. The perception of the team within the organization was treated as our internal brand.


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Have you ever had a situation where you’ve had to manage your team without being the appointed manager?

That’s subversive management.

Have you ever had to get someone else to deliver the message for you just so that the recipient will actually listen to it?

That’s subversive management.

When you just want to put out good work, and make sure that your company is well respected and perceived you must often do whatever it takes. It doesn’t matter whether the team is small or large.

As a subordinate, I have worked for bosses that are absent, or disinterested, or ‘too…

The performance review has become synonymous with ‘you’re fired’ but it really doesn’t have to be that way. Your employees are your best asset, without them you can’t deliver the products and services required to make the business viable.

Performance management has 5 potential outcomes;

1. The manager abandons the process and nothing changes

2. The employee grasps the opportunity and rises to the occasion

3. The employee decides to go elsewhere and resigns

4. The manager and employee realise that there is a better suited new/different role

5. The employee doesn’t make any effort and gets let go or…

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You hate being micro-managed, but are you the reason you’re being micro-managed? It’s not you? How sure are you that you’re not the cause?

Is Micro-Management Ever the Answer?

There’s quote that says that you should strive for excellence and not perfection, that’s a good theme to set for the micro-manager discussion.

Realistically is there anyone out there who likes being micro-managed?

Maybe you’ve had the micro-manager who sends a 3-page email at 3 in the morning detailing every error in your latest work, or the one who follows up with you every 5 minutes on something due way in…

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Back Button Navigation

As you make your way through the internet, what do you expect when you click on the back button?

The back button has been a part of user menu selection from the beginning, it’s a hardwired mental model.

Breaking this expectation has jarring effects on a user’s experience, and confidence in the navigation.

However, the action of the back button is dictated by the way the onsite or in app navigation is set up. …

Early on in my career I encountered a problem with project timelines coming from the sales team, and not being ratified by anyone in the delivery space. The effect of this was that the engineers were first set up for failure, and secondly, they couldn’t commit to delivering the work on time. They also rebelled against the treatment and were not motivated to deliver anything.

This was an important lesson — involve people and they will internalize the commitment. Dictate to them and they are no longer responsible for that commitment.

From this I have always made sure that when…

Where to start with these 3 agile work item types?

There’s so much confusion out there around what exactly each one entails, and whether user stories are the same as features or if epics are user stories. I thought I would lay it out as simply as possible in line with Microsoft Azure DevOps (VSTS) (I am a huge fan of Microsoft’s suite of software these days — but that’s for another day).

For those who don’t know agile is characterized by the division of tasks into short phases of work and frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans, this reassessment…

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